Fun at at Route 66 Festival and Car Show

Every late September, our families and friends enjoy going to historical downtown Springfield Illinois to celebrate the golden age of Route 66. Yesterday our kids loved seeing classic cars, eating corn dogs ice creams, and enjoying the music! There are a lot cool cars, so much fun!!! Route 66 is one of key historical heritages of the United States.

Celebrate the Golden Age of Route 66, International Route 66 Mother Road Festival and Car Show in Springfield Illinois USA

A Glimpse of Rural Americana

You can always find interesting places within 30 minutes drive from Springfield in central Illinois. Rural America is just a few minutes away! Like many small rural villages and towns, younger generations are moving out to the big cities, and many main street buildings and shops are vacant or abandoned now. We keep wondering how these villages looked alike thirty or forty years ago. In the 21 century, how are we going to make these villages and towns great again?

People behind Sangamon Watch Company – Dr. Peter Newman

Dr. Peter Newman CFA

Our Board of Advisors guide our team in all important strategic decisions from brand positioning, design, manufacturing, legal, marketing and research. We are honored to work with our distinguished advisors from both USA and overseas. Sangamon Watch Company is very delighted to have Dr. Peter Newman to be on the advisory board.

Dr. Peter Newman has an exceptional background in business from real estate development to managing wealth for a large endowment fund and high net worth individuals. Peter is currently the Senior Assistant Vice President for Treasury Operations for the University of Illinois with $700 million assets under management. He is also the President and Founder of Peak Wealth Planning, LLC where he advises business owners and HNWIs how to manage their wealth, minimize their taxes and optimize their overall wealth.  You can always find Dr. Newman at

Sangamon Watch Cards are Coming

Sangamon watches will be covered and protected with two years international warranty against manufacturing defects. We are now designing the warranty card! The card will be made with steel! This is an initial design rendering. It is going to be a black card. Along with a warranty card, there will be a “Sangamon Dock” membership black metal card with a lot value added benefits offered to our members. To learn more about Sangamon Watch Company, contact us.

Lincoln’s River

Illustration by Gloria Su

In 1830 the Lincoln family moved from Indiana to Decatur Illinois, roughly 100 steps from the Sangamon River. Later Lincoln resettled in New Salem area in old Sangamon County (partially within Menard County now). Sangamon River represented opportunity to a young Lincoln, providing a chance to pilot his own flatboat to New Orleans with his cousin John in March 1831. This experience created a sobering first impression of the South and slavery that would remain with him forever. This illustration is drawn by very talented young artist Gloria Su from the village of Chatham, a recent GHS graduate. Gloria is attending a state university on art scholarship. We want to thank Gloria for helping us in an artistic way to tell the story of Lincoln.