Sangamon Watches is to Launch Brick and Mortar Showroom in Downtown Springfield Illinois

Sangamon Watch Company is going to launch its first brick and mortar showroom and retail service in downtown Springfield Illinois. The showroom will be located at 206 South 6th Street in downtown Springfield Illinois, right across from Lincoln Law Office (Springfield Visitors Center) and Old State Capitol, two blocks south of Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library. The showroom will offer products on-site and interact with customers face-to-face.

The new showroom is scheduled to open on October 15, 2021 and it will also serve as an information center for international tourists and Route 66 travelers.

Not A Watch Snob Reviews Lincoln’s River of Sangamon Watches

“Not A Watch Snob” YouTube channel has reviewed Lincoln’s River Collection watch of Sangamon Watches. Please watch the program and subscribe the wonderful channel!

Not A Watch Snobis a channel for the modern day watch guy! A collection of videos meant to entice, inform and entertain. Billy of the channel has been collecting since he was around 12 years old, he has had thousands of brands makes and models. This channel is meant to bring people together for their love of watches, horology, and all things luxury.


Sangamon Watch Preview:761st Tank Battalion Collection

761st Tank Battalion Collection” (Freedom Series) is inspired by the story of the first African American armored unit under General Patton during the World War II. The new collection is expected to be available this Fall. We are currently working on the prototype, please subscribe our mailing list at for further update and preorder information.

The new collection is dedicated to all American soldiers who fought bravely in the World War II.

Sangamon Mother Road: A watch that Defies Categorization

We want to thank Split Second Watch for reviewing our Mother Road Collection watch. Please watch this wonderful review and subscribe the channel! Mother Road Collection is inspired by the iconic Route 66, one of the most famous roads in the world connecting Chicago to Los Angeles. The Mother Road became a symbol of classic Americana throughout the years, paving the way for greater adventure and mobility. The engraved backside of the watch highlights the famous Route 66 road sign in front of a checkered flag. The backside also highlights one of the nicknames of Route 66 with a “Main Street of America” header and the official commissioned dates of 1926-1985 underneath the sign.

Will you get your kicks on Route 66 with the Mother Road? Check it out at

Congratulations to Mr. Cain for Winning the July Watch Giveaway!

Congratulations to Mr. Blake Cain of Springfield Illinois for winning the July Watch Giveaway! The free event is hosted by Sangamon Watch Company. A beautiful Mother Road brown dial watch is already on the way to him!

Please subscribe our mailing list at and Sangamon Watch Company hosts a number of FREE watch giveaway raffles and holiday mysterious box events. Keep informed with these events and discount offers, you might be the next lucky winner.

A “Mother” of an Unboxing. The Sangamon Watch Co. Mother Road

This is a fun video to watch, thanks “Split Second Watch” in Puerto Rico for unboxing our Mother Road collection watch. Like the Mother Road? You can pick one (or any other Sangamon watch) up at for 15% off by using discount code: splitsecondwatch15 at checkout.

If you have any questions about the watch review, you can contact Split Second Watch at

Sangamon Watch Company Supports the 2nd Annual Shawn Miller Agency’s Ronald McDonald House Benefit Event

Join Shawn Miller Agency, Sangamon Watch Company and Brookhills Golf Club, along with other local sponsors to support a golf outing event for Ronald McDonald House in Springfield IL. Bookmark your calendar, September 2, 2021 Brookhills Golf Club. For more information about the event, please call Joe at 217-993-7272 or email at

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