Sangamon Watches Tour in Panama City

Sangamon watches traveled to Panama City, the capital of Panama last week, to promote Sangamon watch brand. Panama City is a very modern city framed by fancy high rise towers along the Pacific ocean and world famous Panama Canal. Casco Viejo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is famed for colonial-era historical landmarks like the neoclassical Palacio Presidencial and bougainvillea-filled plazas lined with cafe, restaurants and bars.

Preview of Lincoln’s River Collection Black

Classic, elegant and versatile! We are excited to present a preview of our Lincoln’s River Collection Black. The collection is inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s adventure on the Sangamon River as a young adult in 1831 while struggling to provide for his family. To learn more about Sangamon Watch Company and its pre-sales event in November 2019, please follow us on this blog or contact:

A Day at microLUX Chicago

Mark Bennett, operation director of Sangamon Watch Company and I drove three hours from Springfield and attended the microLUX CHICAGO exhibition which was a two-day free event and brought together independent and microbrand luxury watch brands, watch enthusiasts and industry insiders. microLUX CHICAGO was held at Artspace 8 in downtown Chicago this weekend. Thanks to the organizer and sponsors, microLUX CHICAGO was free of charge!

We were glad to see more than 30 brands and, in many cases, meeting the founders, designers and owners from all over the US, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland and other countries. We truly enjoyed seeing different designs and had great conversations with company founders and designers. I was very impressed by L&JR watches from Geneva Switzerland and decided to collect one! We also liked C-47 D-Day watches from TOCKR in Austin Texas and Ocean diver watches from TWELF-X in Singapore.

The event was very well organized. Hopefully we will showcase our own Sangamon timepieces at next year’s event.

Sangamon Watch Company is planning the 2020 Microbrand Watches Forum in Las Vegas on March 11, 2020. The Forum will focus on microbrand watch design and creation, branding, marketing, OEM/ODM manufacturing, quality control and compliance, social media influencing, logistics and other important issues.

If you are an owner or founder of microbrand watch company who is interested in participating or sponsoring the 2020 Microbrand Watches Forum, please contact Brian for more information, email at

Looking for Abe Lincoln in Beardstown

Abraham Lincoln first saw Beardstown in the Spring of 1831 as he, two friends, and Denton Offutt steered Offutt’s flatboat laden with goods on their way to New Orleans. He returned in 1832, first in March to help get the steamer Talisman up and back down the Sangamon River. In April, Lincoln returned as the captain of a volunteer company in the Black Hawk War. As a surveyor, candidate, state legislator, congressman and lawyer, Lincoln often traveled to Beardstown and surrounding areas by horse or buggy, he was a strong supporter to the creation of Cass County and the Beardstown and Sangamon Canal venture.

If you ever visit Central Illinois, it will be fun to check out many of historical landmarks and Lincoln sites in the area.

The Reasons We Create Our Own Microbrand Watches

Many microbrand watch company owners have their own unique reasons and specific background to develop their own watch brand and business. We certainly have our own reasons to create our own Sangamon Watch Company. As long time residents of Sangamon County Illinois, both founders of Sangamon Watch Company have tremendous interests in the rich history of the area. We have been traveling all over the world in past ten years as we conduct international business advisory services, and collected many watches. We finally come to realize that creating our own watches might be the best way to honor American heritage, traditions and our Midwestern values.

Our company is named after Sangamon River and the county we live in. Our first watch release will be named “Lincoln’s River Collection” to honor Abraham Lincoln’s challenges on the river as a young adult. Springfield Illinois had its own watchmaking glorious history from 1869-1930s; at its peak time, there were over 1300 people working in the watch industry in Springfield. Even it has been long gone, we as residents of Springfield want to honor this part of history of the city.

The founders are both graduated from The University of Illinois at Springfield and it is a great way to honor our education and give something back to our school. In the future we will change our current scholarships at UIS to a new name, possibly rename our scholarships to reflect the name of Sangamon Watch Company.

Lincoln, The Land Surveyor in New Salem

(Photo credit: Mark Bennett) The life-size cast statue in New Salem Illinois depicts a 25 year old Abraham Lincoln, clad in boots, knee breeches, loose shirt and jacket, with a hat in one hand and a surveying instrument in the other.

In 1833, Sangamon County surveyor John Calhoun approached Lincoln in New Salem as many new settlers were moving into the area. John Calhoun was not able to handle all the workload alone, he asked Lincoln to learn surveying and later offered Lincoln a job as the county’s deputy surveyor.

According to Carl Sandburg’s book “Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years,” Lincoln studied two books on the surveying topic with the help of Mentor Graham and then essentially taught himself to survey.

“He surveyed roads, school sections and pieces of farm land, from four-acre plots to 160-acre farms” in such towns as Petersburg, Bath, New Boston, Albany, Huron and others, Sandburg wrote. As the Deputy Surveyor of Sangamon County, Lincoln surveyed five towns, four roads, and thirty properties.

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