Chinese MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong Loves Sangamon Watches

The Omaha Beach Collection of Sangamon Watches is well-liked by Xu Xiaodong, the most well known Chinese MMA fighter. He sent in the photos from his home in Beijing. Xu Xiaodong has been considered the pioneer of MMA in China and is known for exposing and fighting apparently fraudulent and so-called Kungfu and Taichi masters in China. He gained prominence on the Internet after he was filmed defeating self-proclaimed Tai Chi master Wei Lei (Lei Lei) in 2017.

We are delighted to learn that Xiaodong loves the black dial Omaha Beach Collection watch of Freedom Series by Sangamon Watch Company. We hope that he keeps up his fighting spirit and visits the US soon.

Xu Xiaodong has his own Chinese language YouTube channel called Brother Dong’s Hot Takes , consisting of talk show style monologues, largely about MMA and his own experiences in China. He records the daily show in Beijing, and his friend in the US help to upload it. Most of his audience are from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries, or are Chinese firewall jumpers inside China.

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Discover the Beauty of Puerto Rico with Capt. Carlos Benitez

When I was visiting Puerto Rico, the most enjoyable moments were flying with Captain Carlos Benitze of Puerto Rico Helitours. I had taken over eight personalized helicopter tours in the past six years and truly enjoyed it. If you want to discover amazing beauty of Puerto Rico, I highly recommend flying with Capt. Carlos Benitez who is one of the best pilots in the Caribbean region.

Flying with Capt. Benitez (Credit: Brian Su, co-founder of Sangamon Watches)

While you might have already discovered the amazing beauty of Puerto Rico by visiting all its wonderful attractions like most travelers, there is still an unforgettable and thrilling way to explore this magical destination. Imagine flying over the most fascinating places from the comfort of a helicopter piloted by the experienced Captain Carlos Benitez! Each year, thousands of people choose to embark on these unique journeys with Puerto Rico Helitours, the leading air tourism service provider in the region. As hundreds of perfect reviews can attest, Captain Benitez and his crew offer an incredible experience each time they take your dreams to the clouds. Passengers from the United States and around the world have been flying over the most enticing and captivating sites of Puerto Rico and the city of San Juan. It is something truly unique and special to admire the beauty of these places from the sky!

The marvelous city of San Juan and the whole island of Puerto Rico are breathtaking places, a truly astonishing Caribbean paradise with a unique vibe, yet still a US territory. Nevertheless, travelers to this destination will get to discover a wealth of natural wonders and cultural heritage sites. From superb beaches and bio-luminescent bays to lush tropical rainforest and inspiring historical sites, the small island of Puerto Rico is truly unforgettable. Yet no visit would be complete without seeing some of these treasures from the air, the unique island taking a whole new aspect and meaning. Puerto Rico Helitours and the charming Captain Carlos Benitez will happily take on a ride above San Juan and its surrounding area, showing you the hidden beauty that few people get to experience. While you may think it would cost a fortune to embark such an extraordinary journey, it is actually much cheaper and any family traveling to Puerto Rico could afford a few moments of pure awesomeness.

There are several helicopter tours that the Captain and his crew can offer, one more enticing than the others and definitely worth a revisit. One of the most popular experiences is called “Discover Old San Juan” and will take you over the most insightful and impressive historical monuments of the capital. There is a lot to take in during the 5 minutes of flight over the old city, admiring places like the Capitol House building, San Cristobal fort, the Governor’s Mansion or the San Felipe del Moro fort and much more. With a history that spans over five centuries, the city of San Juan holds an immense historical and cultural heritage and you can discover it from over 500 feet in the air. Another unforgettable experience is called “The Enchanted Shore” and will take you on a breathtaking flight over the most beautiful areas of San Juan and along the nearby beaches, revealing the fascinating beauty of Puerto Rico. The “Green Escape” tour is another amazing adventure that sets out to uncover the variety of Puerto Rico, starting from the city and reaching the mountains and the coast. This route can be completed with a delicious culinary experience in a prestigious traditional restaurant inside the “Tasting Puerto Rico” tour. Of course, you can also fashion your own custom tour and explore the island as you wish, making this an endless journey through the beauty of the island.

Always being on time and keeping flight schedules are things that Captain Carlos Benitez takes very seriously, and he is very fond of his amazing Sagamon watch to achieve them. This limited edition watch is made by the Sagamon Watch Company based in Springfield, Illinois. He is extremely proud of the unique Omaha Beach watch he wears, an exceptional item that is both beautiful and inspiring. With its army green dial and amazing design features, this watch also honors the American heroes of World War II. The back dial features a unique engraving of a soldier storming the Omaha Beach in what will later be known as one of the greatest battles and victories in history. These splendid watches are the perfect accessory to anyone who loves history; they are sturdy pieces of technology that perfectly combines functionality and design. In his line of work, being on time is crucial and Captain Benitez depends on the extreme quality of his Omaha Beach watch from Sagamon Watch Company.

Experiencing a fascinating helicopter tour over the sky of Puerto Rico, please call Capt. Benitez at: (787) 497-5323 or make an appointment online; you are welcome to follow Capt. Benitze on Instagram: @captcarolsbenitez

Taking The Time: Quick Unboxing of the Route 66 by Sangamon

Bryan Kotsch and Brad McCallister talk about the Mother Road Collection of Sangamon Watches on “Taking The Time” watch talk program, you can also listen to their review program on Podcast. Mr.Bryan Kotsch recently bought a white dial Mother Road Collection watch, he loves it. We want to thank them for reviewing our Mother Road Collection on the program.

Bryan looks at the Seco Graph Taking the Time

First look at the Mitchell timepieces seco graph and details about how it was designed.  — Support this podcast:
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Raymond Stauffer Poker Run Benefit Event in Oklahoma City Today

Raymond Stauffer Poker Run Benefit is taking place at B & B Bar and Grill, 10925 SE 59th, Oklahoma City, OK Saturday August 22, 2020. Kick Stands up at 10:00 am. The benefit event already received many Wonderful Auction items: Sangamon Limited Edition watch valued at $200.00, Big Led Bar Lights, Motorcycle Oil Change kits just to name a few. Thank you everyone and let’s keep them coming. The event needs a great turnout to help Mr. Raymond Stauffer out. Please show your kind support.

Sangamon Watch Company is glad to be part of the help!

“Spending Time with Iconic Ivan” with Special Guests Sangamon Watches

Don’t forget today (Thursday August 20) at 2:00 pm Eastern time Tyler McKay and Brian Su from Sangamon Watches will be on “Spending Time with Iconic Ivan” hosted by Ivan Hampton Ennis. Don’t miss it!!!! You can watch the interview on Mr. Ennis‘ Facebook page or 3Hand Media YouTube channel.

Local Review: Don’t Miss Cozy Dog Drive-In on Route 66

Cozy Dog Drive-In on South Six Street is a popular attraction along Old Route 66 in Springfield, IL and the birthplace of the “cozy dog,” a hot dog on a stick that’s dipped in batter and deep-fried like a French fry. The “Cozy Dog” was launched by Ed Waldmire Jr. and his wife at the Lake Springfield Beach House on June 16th, 1946. Three years later, Cozy Dog Drive-In was born and has been run by the Waldmire family ever since.  It is still family owned and operated by Josh Waldmire on a daily basis.

There’s no doubt that the cozy dogs are delicious, but don’t forget about the other menu items. When I stopped in with my business partner Tyler McKay today I ordered the Tuesday special (two cozy dogs and a side of fries for $5.85) and fell in love with their home made french fries, which were better than the fries at any big-name restaurant I’ve been to. While I opted for the restaurant’s namesake, Tyler ordered (and devoured) the cheeseburgers, so you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. In the winter days, I usually love a bowl of hot chili.

In addition to providing affordable and delicious eats for tourists and bikers from around the world, Cozy Dog also features a gift shop filled with Route 66 and Springfield, IL memorabilia. Bob Waldmire, Route 66 artist and son of the Cozy Dog creators, traveled all along Route 66 to get design ideas for the postcards and maps sold in the Cozy Dog Drive-In gift shop. Customers are required to wear a face covering due to COVID-19 but that hasn’t seemed to slow down business, since they were still pretty busy.

If you live anywhere near Springfield, IL or find yourself passing through on Route 66, you can’t miss the American icon that is Cozy Dog Drive-In! Enjoy great atmosphere, and an historic and cultural gem of local flavor.

Cozy Dog Drive In
2935 So. Sixth Street, Springfield Illinois

Please log on its website at for more information.

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Wedding Planner: Five Things to Know when Buying Your Groom a Watch

(Author: Tyler McKay) Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! It is now time to do your research on what to surprise your fiancé with during your big day. The perfect Groom gift can provide an unforgettable memory and a wristwatch is one of the best presents a bride can gift to their lover. Here are some simple tips when purchasing a watch for your significant other.

1. Know your Budget

The first step of your complex watch hunt is simple. What amount of money have you set aside for this purchase? You should also consider your overall budget since additional surprises such as a  groom’s cake and boudoir pictures will eventually add up. A common price range for a groom gift somewhere between $250-$500 will allow you to buy a high-quality watch. By locking in your price range, this may eliminate some luxury watch brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer and Omega upfront saving you time during your search.

2. Reflect on the Style of your Lover

This one should be easy! The style of the watch should match up with the style of your significant other. For example, is he a banker or lawyer or professional? If so, a dress watch with a stainless-steel band is most likely to suit him. White, Black and Blue dials (front of the watch) are the most common colors and very versatile when wearing with different outfits. The size of the watch is also important; 42 mm is the most common size watch dial. Check out our size guide to help you determine the correct size. Also, consider the entire case size (lug-to-lug dimensions) because this can also determine how large it will fit on the wrist.

Watch Size Dial Guide
Small: 38-40 mm
Average: 41-43 mm
Large: 44mm + up

3. Match it to the Personality of your Groom

Finding a watch brand to support and relate with is possibly the most difficult process during your shopping experience. There are hundreds of watches across Facebook, Pinterest and Google Shopping, along with the many watch wholesale websites. First, consider whether you want to buy from a microbrand watch company or a large established brand that you may find at your big department stores such as Tissot, Seiko, Citizen, Fossil, etc.

We will assume you want something different and more exciting. This is your one and only wedding present. A great way to find a more personal watch brand is to relate to the brand behind the company. Find a brand that you can relate with and are excited to purchase from. Next, consider the overall brand theme such as a diver, aviation, historic, naval, or specific city. This theme embraces the brand and will help your groom to better relate to the watch.

You should ask yourself if your groom is a fan of well-built mechanical pieces or would rather enjoy the convenience of a battery power watch. This can also help you determine whether you should buy an automatic or battery-powered watch. Automatic watches operate from the power created by moving of the wrist and are typically more expensive than quartz, battery-powered watches.

4. Discover the Meaning Behind the Watch

Every watch will typically have a series and underneath that, a collection name. A series name is the umbrella from which all collections will be designed around. One example of this is the Freedom Series which will include watches designed around fighting for America’s freedom. The collections underneath the Freedom Series could be Omaha Beach (D-Day Watch) or Independence (Revolutionary War Watch).

The famous saying, “Every watch has a story” is very accurate and this is where a little research online can help the buyer to find a watch that the recipient can really connect with.  

5. Remember – It’s all in the Details

Details, Details, Details!! Timing is very important during this process since many watches may pre-sale with an expected shipping date months later. Do not ever expect a pre-sale watch to be shipped on the date posted on their website. Stay away from watches on Kickstarter as these watches are sometimes delayed months to their buyers. A wedding is stressful enough, so it is important to only buy watches that are in stock and available to ship once you purchase.  

Check the packaging. Is this $500 watch coming in a $1 box? Quality packaging can really impact the gift opening experience and presentation can add additional value to the watch.

Review the band situation. Stainless steel bands will most likely need to be readjusted with links removed. They typically come oversized so people can remove links to fit their wrist. You may want to gift before your wedding day if you expect him to wear it down the aisle or guess his wrist size and have it resized before you gift it to him.

Now you are ready to begin shopping for your groom! Keep these details in mind and you will find the perfect watch for your significant other. Be sure to take a picture or video of him opening your present so you will always have this moment captured.

Please log on and find a perfect wristwatch for your loved one!