Sangamon Dock is a private networking club sponsored by Sangamon Watch Company, designed for professionals and entrepreneurs who are interested in collecting microbrand watches around the globe. Purchase of any Sangamon watch automatically enrolls you into the Sangamon Dock. Members of the Sangamon Dock include our brand ambassadors and our vast network of customers. Sangamon Dock encourages members to share their business stories and connect with their fellow dock members. We also host a variety of high level private business networking events and receptions for members in major cities such as Chicago, New York City, Los Angels, etc.

Behind The Name – We named our owner’s club the Sangamon Dock to keep current with our river theme. A dock is a meeting place where trade and chatter frequently occurs. We want to structure our Sangamon Dock as a platform to help connect individuals with similar interests and goals.

Sangamon River is one of the most famous rivers in Central Illinois. The river’s name, Sangamon, derives from a Pottawatomie Native American word that means “where there is plenty to eat.” It rises nearby Ellsworth in McLean county and flows towards southeast and southwest to Decatur where a dam impounds Lake Decatur, and turns west to pass near the state capital area Springfield, and then northwest to join the Illinois River. Lincoln settled his first home in Illinois in 1830, just a few miles southwest of Decatur on a bluff above the river; In 1831, Lincoln moved to New Salem on the Sangamon River, about 20 miles northwest of Springfield. That home site is now within Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site.

People Behind Sangamon Watch Company
The founders of Sangamon Watch Company are graduates of the University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS), longtime entrepreneurs and residents in Sangamon County, Illinois, and they have been inspired by the early days of President Abraham Lincoln, who lived and worked in the Sangamon River areas such as Decatur and New Salem.

Tyler McKay
Born in Central Illinois, Tyler, a sixth-generation farmer, was taught true Midwestern values as a kid by raising livestock and working around heavy machinery. His passion for business and entrepreneurship led him to the Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois (UIUC) for his MBA where he was inspired to launch Sangamon Watches with his friend Brian Su.

Brian Su
Influenced by a family of engineers, Brian has a deep passion for mechanical watches and has traveled the world collecting watches throughout international cities. In 1989 he followed his heart and fascination with American history – and migrated to the United States to pursue his education at UIS and business ventures. With nearly three decades of international business experience, he has vast networks of entrepreneurs and business executives across the globe. He has a deep appreciation for American history and President Lincoln’s influence has kept him in Springfield for over 25 years. Brian’s passion of history and craftsmanship along with his diverse skill set has transformed our business model to be inspired by the American spirit.