How to Become a Brand Ambassador on Social Media?

A brand ambassador or influencer, is someone who increases awareness of a brand by representing a company and its products or services on social media. Ambassadors can earn cash and store credits, or even free merchandises from sharing product information with his or her community on social media.

Sangamon Brand Ambassadors promote Sangamon Watches brand and offer inspiration through their own personal stories of entrepreneurship and perseverance. In the same time, Sangamon Watches will promote its Ambassadors’ small businesses and success stories on the social media network.

In order to be considered for the brand ambassador, you have to

  • Have social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or a personal blog
  • Share your discount (tracking referral) code for friends and family
  • Create & submit original photos of you using our products
  • Endorse our brand respectfully and positively

As an ambassador, you will have many following benefits:

  • Receive up to 50% discounts on products
  • Receive Sangamon branded merchandise
  • Receive an exclusive discount referral tracking code
  • Get paid every referral sales when someone uses your referral code
  • Have the chance to share your business and story on our social media
  • Have an opportunity to be our watch model
  • To be invited to exclusive networking events

Sangamon Watches is also looking for YouTube product reviewers and bloggers as well as models! If you are interested in the Sangamon Watches ambassador program, please contact for consideration.

Sangamon Watches is BIG on Social Media

Sangamon Watches is BIG on social media. As 2020 is coming closer to its very end, we want to thank our members, ambassadors, friends, supporters for helping us out on social media. The sharing of our Facebook posts is really a big deal to the survival and growth of Sangamon Watches during the pandemic as most of our sales were made online, social media has been a great marketing tool for us.

Please continue to lend your hands in 2021, here are some simple ways to help us without any cost:

  1. Showing off your watches is fun, when you wear a Sangamon watch, feel free to take photos and share them on your Facebook or Instagram; and make sure you tag or @SangamonWatches so that we are able to see these photos.

  2. Please follow us on Instagram @SangamonWatches; tell your friends too.

  3. Follow us on Facebook at and please LIKE and SHARE our posts whenever you can.

  4. Positive reviews on our social media are always appreciated.

  5. Visit and subscribe mailing list for special offers, free giveaways, etc.

  6. Tell your friends about the inspiring and entrepreneurial story of the founders of Sangamon Watch Company, hopefully he or she will also own a watch from Sangamon Watches Company.

  7. If your friends or their companies need to find perfect gifts for events or anniversaries, please refer us to them. We are always willing to offer a discount program for special occasions.

  8. If you live in Springfield Illinois area, please talk to us, we are always looking for a few good amateur models.

Again, we want to thank everyone who has been so kind and supportive to us in 2020, we promise to bring more new exciting products and programs in 2021.

Email: brian@SangamonWatches dot com

Whimsy Tea Company and Sangamon Watch Company Join Efforts to Promote Local Brands in Springfield Illinois

Springfield Illinois based Whimsy Tea Company and Sangamon Watch Company are teaming up to boost social media marketing efforts for local brands and fine products. Each year hundred of thousand people from all over the world come to Springfield for Lincoln and Route 66 related sightseeing and business trips, most of the tourists and business people from other states and countries are not aware of local products and fine services that they can bring home with them. Whismsy Tea Company and Sangamon Watch Company will increase online marketing presence through effectively using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Whimsy tea and Sangamon watches would be perfect gifts for everyone who visit Springfield Illinois. Products from the companies can be purchased online or by visiting local retail partners in Springfield.

Whimsy Tea Company was founded to provide the highest quality of teas, herbal infusions, and tea-infused products to consumers with the utmost of convenience. Sangamon Watch Company was inspired by rich American history, heritages and the heartland values and produces finest watches for busy executives and small business owners as well as history lovers and watch collectors. Both companies are established by local folks and have been featured by Springfield Business Journal in Springfield Illinois. The owner are willing to work with other local companies to promote Springfield businesses.

If you are a small business owner and active in social media in Springfield Illinois or in any other states, we welcome your ideas on possible collaboration. Contact: