Clara Harlowe Barton Collection Pre-order Starts Now!

To honor the Women History Month (March) and tens of thousands of women health care and emergency workers on the front line during the pandemic, Sangamon Watches introduces its first release of women watches, now accepting pre-orders for the Clara Barton Collection watches.

Clara Harlowe Barton Collection is a tribute to one of America’s greatest humanitarians through Barton’s devotion of helping others from being a nurse in the Civil War to the creation of the American Red Cross. The engraved backside of the watch showcases an impactful collage of words to describe Barton such as Brave, Courageous and Hero. This is a limited edition model of only 400 watches.

Expected delivery in May. Early backers receive 30% off! The first 40 orders will come with a special gift! The wristwatch would make a perfect gift to all ladies and girls! All specifications and background story are available at, check it out! FREE UPS Shipping within USA.

Local Review: Hunan Restaurant – Great Food in a New Environment!

We absolutely love Chinese food, and so we make sure to check out interesting-looking Chinese restaurants whenever we can. We chose to go to Hunan Restaurant on 1333 West Wabash Avenue in Springfield Illinois, and it didn’t disappoint! We’ve actually been back several times, and we can’t fault the food, setting, or service at all.

Food and Drink

We absolutely adore the food that we’ve eaten at Hunan restaurant! We went as a four: my wife, my kids, and I. All of us found something on the menu that we love! Anyone with kids will know that getting them to eat somewhere new can be a challenge, but as soon as they tried the food they were all for going there again. We always go there when we want Chinese food in town, it’s great! We’ve got two main dishes that are our must-orders now, the kong po chicken, and the mapo tofu while kids love shrimps.

The kong po chicken is absolutely amazing! I’ve had it in a lot of different places, and a lot of times, a chef will overdo the chili. This wasn’t the case here! It wasn’t too spicy at all, and, in fact, my kids particularly loved it! The sauce it’s served in is amazing, and my only complaint is that I have to order more every time and always have take out orders too!

 The mapo tofu is exceptional too. It’s another Sichuan dish, like the chicken, so the chili is at the forefront, but it isn’t too hot at all. It’s perfectly balanced, from the seasoning to the proportions of meat to tofu. My wife really loves this, and ate it every time we went!

There are a lot of other things on offer at the restaurant, for example, Japanese sushi and a full western bar, and while we didn’t try them, they looked really great! They both seemed like popular choices whenever we went, so as much as they wouldn’t be our first choices, we’d love to try them someday.

The Atmosphere

The newly remodeled restaurant had a really good atmosphere: nice and relaxed, while also being quite formal. In recent years, we haven’t been fans of the more typical ‘buffet’ style Chinese restaurants, so it was refreshing to go for a sit-down meal that tasted amazing and was great value.

The restaurant felt completely clean throughout, and as it was in a new building with modern interior decoration, it did offer a more refined dining experience. Hunan Restaurant offers both Chinese and Western food, and a lot of the customers are local Americans who enjoy experimenting with Chinese food, knowing that there’s a safety net too. The new location is on Wabash Ave, a street that gets a lot of traffic in Springfield, IL. If you’re in town, either visiting or living there, make sure to check this place out, the food’s great!

We really can’t recommend this palace enough, the food’s great, and so is the service and value. Make sure to check it out if you’re nearby, you won’t be disappointed! Please feel free to browse their website and menu at due to the pandemic, the restaurant provides only take-out orders this month, call before you go!

Finally when you choose to buy a wristwatch gift for your loved ones at and use promotional code: hunan

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Daily Data Update: COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

To get a better understanding on what is happening in the US (state by state) and in every country around the world, we have compiled this web list below which provides Covid-19 cases and information on a daily basis. Keep yourself informed and protected! Feel free to share with family and friends.

Tracking Covid-19 cases in the US (CNN)

Worldwide Coronavirus Update (WorldMeters)

Covid-19 Cases and Updates in the US (CDC)

Telling Time and Tales of History – Springfield Business Journal

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