The Meaning of Sangamon

Sangamon Watch Company is named after a local river – Sangamon River which is 10 minutes ride away from our office in Springfield Illinois USA. Sangamon is a Pottawatomie Indian word meaning the “land of milk and honey.” When Abe Lincoln was 21 year old in 1831, he resided nearby the river in New Salem where he built a flatboat and sailed to New Orleans. We choose the name of Sangamon to honor the rich history of Sangamon River and the region.

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Save Water! Covid-19 Can Lead to Water Crisis

Covid-19 is leading us towards a new crisis. Many global media houses are reporting that Coronavirus can lead to water crisis.

Here’s how:

If your tap is left running during your 20 seconds hand wash, 1.5-2 liters of water will go to waste. So you end up wasting around 15-20 liters of water because of frequent hand washing. Hence, a family of 5 will need 100 liters of water everyday. But washing your hands is very important else the virus cannot be stopped. So, what to do?

If you consider yourself a responsible citizen, turn off the water tap during those 20 seconds. Wash the tap with your soapy hand each time, so that is also getting cleaned and water is not wasted. So for each hand wash the tap will be touched at least 4 times. So the sequence will be:

Open tap – wet your hands – close tap – soap on hands and tap – lather for 20 seconds – open tap – wash hands and tap – close tap.

If you think a single person can bring no change. Convince your family to do this, you will be saving 100 liters of water everyday.

Please follow this and share this message with as many people as possible so we don’t add to another crisis unknowingly while battling this one.


Sangamon Watches, the Latest Brand in Springfield Illinois

Sangamon Watches is the latest brand in Springfield Illinois. Sangamon Watch Company was founded by UIS (University of Illinois at Springfield) alumni Tyler McKay and Brian Su in Springfield, Illinois with a commitment to craft historically inspired watches.  Please check out the company’s official website at and stop by at our showroom in Springfield Illinois.

Sangamon Watches

Fresh Start on Monday – Sangamon Watches

The New Beginnings Series of Sangamon Watches represents the launch of new endeavors that alters our path down life’s journeys. New Beginnings generates excitement in our spirits and propels us to be our best selves.

Lincoln’s River Collection

Abraham Lincoln is widely recognized by historians as America’s most iconic president; yet he started his journey as a common Midwestern pioneer facing challenges at nearly every turn. The engraved backside of this watch depicts a thrilling moment in 1831 when young Abe Lincoln navigated down the Sangamon River eventually getting his boat stuck on a mill dam. Lincoln showed his ingenuity and leadership skills to help maneuver away from the dam, impressing many of the locals who had gathered around to watch. The Lincoln’s River Collection is a limited edition model of only 500 watches available worldwide. Over two dozens of Sangamon watches have been pre-ordered by international collectors. Deliveries are expected in January 2020.

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A Trip to Explore Bolivia Road Bridge

On cold and shining Saturday, we took a road trip to an unincorporated community Bolivia near Springfield Illinois to explore the Bolivia Road Bridge and surrounding area.

The Bolivia Road Bridge is a truss bridge near Bolivia Illinois, which formerly carried Bolivia Road across the Sangamon River. Plans to build the bridge started in 1900, when Lanesville Township’s highway commissioner petitioned Sangamon County for funding for a bridge. Funding on the bridge ultimately came from a joint effort by Lanesville Township, Sangamon County, Christian County, and Christian County’s Mount Auburn Township, as the latter two areas were connected to Sangamon County by the bridge. J.T. Garrett of St Louis, Missouri built the bridge in 1901. A 1994 state bridge survey identified the bridge as one of seven remaining Parker through truss bridges in Illinois, one of which has since been demolished. The bridge was added to the National Register of Historic Places on January 28, 2004. The bridge was listed on Landmarks Illinois’ Ten Most Endangered Historic Places list in 2011. In the spring of 2015 the bridge was permanently closed.

Sangamon Watch Company Announces the Official Launch of Their American Heritage Watches

(Springfield, IL) Sangamon Watch Company in Springfield, Illinois, announced today the launch of their American heritage brand to watch enthusiasts around the world. Founded in Central Illinois, Sangamon Watch Company was started by two international business travelers who often purchased luxury watches with little meaning behind them. The founders were motivated to combine high-quality watches for men and women with inspirational stories and at affordable prices. They visited the same factories that manufacture parts for many world-class brands and designed what they believe are the most inspirational watches in the USA.

“Sangamon Watches is designed to combine quality craftsmanship and historic inspiration in each of our unique timepieces. Every collection will be designed around a special inspirational story and come with a story card to further connect our customers with the story depicted by the watch,” said Tyler McKay, Founder & CEO of Sangamon Watch Company.

Inaugural Watch Collection

The inaugural watch called, “Lincoln’s River, is a symbolic collection inspired by a young Abraham Lincoln’s adventure on the Sangamon River. The inspiring Abe faced many hardships as a child, but the Sangamon River was a passage to a new beginning in his life. Lincoln’s River watches are laser engraved on the backside to depict Lincoln courageously guiding his flatboat down the Sangamon River in 1831. Highlights of the watch include a 42mm case made from surgical grade 316L stainless steel with a sapphire crystal glass that contains anti-reflective coating. The watch is powered by a Seiko NH35 automatic movement with 24 jewels and a 41-hour power reserve. Lincoln’s River Collection is part of the New Beginnings Series. The New Beginnings Series represents the launch of new endeavors that alters our path down life’s journeys. New Beginnings generates excitement in our spirits and propels us to be our best selves. Pre-sales are currently available on the official website and watches are expected to ship January 2020.

Behind the Name

Sangamon Watch Company is named after the Sangamon River, which runs from Central Illinois and feeds into the Mississippi River. The river was loved by Abraham Lincoln, whose family settled along the river when he was a young man. The Sangamon region was also home to one of the finest watchmakers in the United States- the Illinois Watch Company. Sangamon Watch Company’s employees work in the long shadow of President Lincoln feeling inspired by the region’s rich history. Their name, Sangamon, is proud to honor this tradition of excellence.

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Join the Sangamon Dock

The Sangamon Dock is the Owners Club of Sangamon Watches. Purchase of any Sangamon watch automatically enrolls you into the Sangamon Dock. Members of the Sangamon Dock include our brand ambassadors and our vast network of customers. Sangamon Dock hosts a variety of high level private business networking events and receptions for members around the country and internationally.

Membership Benefits:

  • Business networking opportunities around the world
  • Invitations to receptions and international business conferences
  • Exclusive promotions/deals on future Sangamon Watches       
Lincoln’s River Collection Gold (w/leather band): only 40 units available
Sangamon River, New Salem Illinois

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