Where Can I Get a Route 66 Passport? Mother Road Passports Available in Springfield Illinois

Are you ready for a Route 66 driving tour during this summer? Are you wondering where you can get a Mother Road Route 66 passport?

We received these beautiful 2022-2023 edition Mother Road Route 66 passports today and made them immediately available at our Sangamon Watches office in Springfield Illinois! If you are traveling through central Illinois and the city of Springfield on Old Rt 66, please stop by and pick up one, we will stamp it for you! We will share with you some Springfield Rt 66 spots that you may not know. Our office is just a few minutes away from Cozy Dog, Black Route History Museum, Maid Rite and Rt 66 Motörhead Bar Grill and Museum.

The enhanced second edition of Route 66 Passport, produced by Route 66 Navigation, is ready for both international and domestic travelers! Passport holders would collect unique stamps at 34 carefully selected locations along Route 66 as well as free souvenirs or discounts. Get stamps, get gifts and get fun! Come to get your passport at Sangamon Watches in Springfield, Illinois, you can also order online prior to your trip, FREE shipping with USA. Please email us at: brian@sangamonwatches.com.

While you are here in town, you may even want to browse or purchase a Mother Road Collection watch and claim your free gifts from us! Our showroom location at 206 South 6th Street, downtown Springfield IL (we are located right across from Springfield Visitors Center where you can claim your free RT 66 stamp for your passport! We accept all major credit cards.

Local Review: Don’t Miss Cozy Dog Drive-In on Route 66

Cozy Dog Drive-In on South Six Street is a popular attraction along Old Route 66 in Springfield, IL and the birthplace of the “cozy dog,” a hot dog on a stick that’s dipped in batter and deep-fried like a French fry. The “Cozy Dog” was launched by Ed Waldmire Jr. and his wife at the Lake Springfield Beach House on June 16th, 1946. Three years later, Cozy Dog Drive-In was born and has been run by the Waldmire family ever since.  It is still family owned and operated by Josh Waldmire on a daily basis.

There’s no doubt that the cozy dogs are delicious, but don’t forget about the other menu items. When I stopped in with my business partner Tyler McKay today I ordered the Tuesday special (two cozy dogs and a side of fries for $5.85) and fell in love with their home made french fries, which were better than the fries at any big-name restaurant I’ve been to. While I opted for the restaurant’s namesake, Tyler ordered (and devoured) the cheeseburgers, so you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. In the winter days, I usually love a bowl of hot chili.

In addition to providing affordable and delicious eats for tourists and bikers from around the world, Cozy Dog also features a gift shop filled with Route 66 and Springfield, IL memorabilia. Bob Waldmire, Route 66 artist and son of the Cozy Dog creators, traveled all along Route 66 to get design ideas for the postcards and maps sold in the Cozy Dog Drive-In gift shop. Customers are required to wear a face covering due to COVID-19 but that hasn’t seemed to slow down business, since they were still pretty busy.

If you live anywhere near Springfield, IL or find yourself passing through on Route 66, you can’t miss the American icon that is Cozy Dog Drive-In! Enjoy great atmosphere, and an historic and cultural gem of local flavor.

Cozy Dog Drive In
2935 So. Sixth Street, Springfield Illinois

Please log on its website at https://www.cozydogdrivein.com/ for more information.

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