Mother Road Collection of Sangamon Watches Reviewed by Avg. Joe Watch Review

Avg. Joe Watch Reviews Mother Road Collection is inspired by the iconic Route 66, one of the most famous roads in the world connecting Chicago to Los Angeles. The Mother Road became a symbol of classic Americana throughout the years, paving the way for greater adventure and mobility. The engraved backside of the watch highlights the famous Route 66 road sign in front of a checkered flag. This is a limited edition model of only 310 watches.

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Unboxing Sangamon Watch with Avg. Joe Watch Reviews

Unboxing the Mother Road Collection watch show Tuesday Sept 1, 2020 on YouTube channel : Avg. Joe Watch Reviews at

Avg. Joe unboxes the Sangamon Limited Edition ‘Route 66’ watch with brown dial and bronze PVD case. The rim dial is based upon the torq thrust racing wheel. The chapter ring is inspired by a classic speedometer. You won’t want to miss his initial impressions and thoughts on the watch from the Sangamon Watch Company. If you’re interested in this watch, visit – Buy any watch from this site and receive 1 free USA🇺🇸 t-shirt. Use code AVGJOE during checkout.

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