Honoring Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day with Sangamon Watches

As Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day approach, Honoring Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day with Sangamon Watches, an Illinois timepiece brand, is proud to pay tribute to the brave men and women of the armed forces. We are honoring this occasion by offering special sales on all their watches, with a particular focus on two collections that hold deep significance for American soldiers of World War II: the Omaha Beach Collection and the 761st Tank Battalion Collection. Moreover, Sangamon Watches has an exciting announcement to make — the upcoming release of a special edition Never Forgotten watch collection that will honor MIA and POW servicemen. Let’s explore these remarkable offerings in more detail.

Honoring American Soldiers of WWII:

Sangamon Watches presents the Omaha Beach Collection and the 761st Tank Battalion Collection, two exceptional timepiece series that pay homage to the courageous American soldiers of World War II. These collections encapsulate the valor and sacrifice displayed by those who fought on the front lines, defending freedom and democracy. Each watch within these collections reflects the spirit of bravery and resilience exhibited by the soldiers of that era.

The Omaha Beach Collection: Named after the historic D-Day landing site, the Omaha Beach Collection features meticulously crafted timepieces designed to capture the essence of that pivotal moment in history. These watches incorporate elements that evoke the courage and sacrifice demonstrated by the troops who stormed the beaches of Normandy. With their distinct aesthetics and attention to detail, the Omaha Beach Collection watches serve as a reminder of the indomitable spirit of the American soldiers who fought on that fateful day.

The 761st Tank Battalion Collection: The 761st Tank Battalion Collection honors the first African American armored unit to see combat in World War II. These watches celebrate the heroism and resilience of the soldiers who overcame adversity and discrimination, demonstrating unwavering determination on the battlefield. The collection’s timepieces blend style and substance, reflecting the fortitude and unwavering dedication of the 761st Tank Battalion soldiers.

Never Forgotten Watch Collection:

In line with their commitment to honoring the sacrifices made by servicemen and women, Sangamon Watches is soon releasing a special edition Never Forgotten watch collection. This collection aims to raise awareness and pay tribute to MIA and POW servicemen who have made tremendous sacrifices for their country. By wearing a Never Forgotten timepiece, individuals can demonstrate their support for these courageous individuals and their families, ensuring that their sacrifices are never forgotten.

As we approach Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day, it is essential to recognize and honor the brave men and women who have selflessly served their country. Sangamon Watches, through their Omaha Beach and 761st Tank Battalion Collections, exemplifies their dedication to commemorating the valor of American soldiers from World War II. Furthermore, their upcoming release of the Never Forgotten watch collection underscores their commitment to acknowledging and remembering the sacrifices of MIA and POW servicemen. By visiting the Sangamon Watch Company website, individuals can explore and own these remarkable timepieces that symbolize the bravery and resilience of our armed forces.