Affordable Field Watch Chameleon: The Sangamon Omaha Beach Collection

We are glad that Mr. Nobody YouTube Channel has reviewed our Omaha Beach Collection watches. The collection has received many good reviews by watch bloggers and content creators.

Mr. Nobody recommends the ruggedly handsome Omaha Beach to fill that Sleek Modern Field Watch void in your collection. Make sure watch the review and subscribe the channel!

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So who is Mr. Nobody:

He is a young Professional Watchmaker who has served in the world of horology for the past 10 years with real world experience in retail, repair, and manufacturing with brick and mortar shops, independents and microbrands, and several of the major brands’ North American Service Centers. His watch collecting journey began at the age of 4 with the first watch he ever received from his father: an inexpensive plastic watch he picked up at the local pharmacy…it was designed to resemble a tiger that had the digital read-out inside of its mouth. He wore it out after a couple of months, his dad then upgraded him to his retired Timex Expedition with Indiglo, since then he has been hooked and hasn’t been able to break the trance ignited by that Indiglo light.

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