Whimsy Tea Shop – A Tea Lover’s Paradise!

Every month I would visit downtown Springfield Illinois a few times for lunch or just hang out, there are many of my favorite spots, such as Cafe Moxo, Obed & Isaac’s Microbrewery, Custom Cup Coffee, Good Heart Tattoos and a list goes on. However, Whimsy Tea Company is one of the best places for shopping in downtown where I can find an amazing collection of uniquely crafted teas.

The shop is located at 316 E. Adams Street, a few steps away from Cafe Moxo. Co-Owner Gordon Davis is very knowledgeable about these teas. He has recommended a number of tea selections that my wife really loved. BTW, the shop has a lot artworks created by local artists, and available for sale too.

Here is what I bought during my visit this week, Whis-Tea – A Kentucky Bourbon Black Tea, I’d like to try and taste Whiskey flavor in black tea!

Ingredients: Black Tea, Rose Hips, Cocoa Nibs, Lapsang Souchong, Whiskey Flavor, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Candy Apple Flavor, & Natural Vanilla Flavor

All I wished were some home-baked peanut butter cookies and a cup of freshly brewed hot tea and to be relaxing in the shop.

Please check them out when you are in downtown. Website: https://whimsyteacompany.com