Have You Purchased a Watch with Crypto? Let us Tour a Bitcoin Mining Facility

Sangamon Watches, one of the newest wristwatch brands in Illinois USA, has been accepting digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDC and others. We are glad that our customers made online purchases with cryptocurrencies.

However, most people have never got a chance to see a real bitcoin mining operation. Let us show you what a BTC mining facility looks like.

Sangamon Watches uses cryptocurrency payment tool Coinbase Commerce to process Bitcoin and other crypto payments. Customers can pay for retail purchases as easily as transacting via credit card. Sangamon Watches also offers express checkout experience with ShopPay, Google Pay and PayPal which enable customers to process payment much easier and faster. BTC price is around $34,538.46 at the time this blog is published.

(Photo credit: Artisan Business Group, Inc.)