Help Small Business Owners Survive COVID during Holiday Season

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The holiday season is approaching upon us even faster during Covid-19. Many small business owners are struggling to keep their stores and restaurants open and survive. With the gift-giving season is right at the corner, people shall start thinking about your holiday purchases.

Last few days, the founders of Sangamon Watch Company have been visiting stores and restaurants in downtown Springfield Illinois. I bought great flavored Kentucky Bourbon Black Tea and tea pot, and Tyler got peach flavored tea from Whimsy Tea Company store, grabbed delicious lunch (my order J Bird all day breakfast was amazing!) at Cafe Moxo. I even got a Tattoo from Benny of Good Heart Tattoo store. Oh, my god, first time to have a tattoo on me, what an awesome experience, Benny is a great artist! You will see my beautiful tattoo with our Sangamon watches soon!

Well, I think everyone can imagine how hard it is for many small businesses around the country, with executive orders from state governments, many city downtown areas saw rare foot traffic! We urge everyone who sees this blog to support and shop with small businesses, either online or in person. Please order your lunch or dinner carry-outs with locally owned restaurants who need the help the most during the pandemic. Help them out, remember, almost all small businesses offer holiday discounts for their products and services! You will save big too!

Here are a few reasons to support small business owners this year:

Local Small Business Create More Jobs

In the US, small business owners have created over 8 million jobs that benefit directly to local families and area economy.

Money Spent at Small Business Goes Back to the Local Community

Small business owners seek out many suppliers and professional services locally, helping to support other small businesses in their region. If you are able to use local services and save money, why not!

Small Businesses Always Support Local Charities

Small business owners live in the same community you live in. They are more willing to support local charities and school events than big corporations. There are many small business owners donating goods or profits to support local communities (Just like us!).

Small Businesses Listen and Care

Many small business owners form special relationships with their customers and local communities. When customer service issues are raised, small business owners usually get personally involved, as they are more concerned about their business and personal reputations.

If your company or family need new products or service, try to consider locally owned businesses first. Local small business owners can easily and flexibly accommodate your needs and pricing requirements. Wondering when you need to place your order for the holiday season?

The team of Sangamon Watch Company is fully committed to our local community and our customers around the country. We need your help as well.