Road Tripping Down Route 66 with Tony Forte

Route 66 is one of the most popular road trip destinations in the world. Along its path there are restaurants, attractions, incredible views and culture, and so much more. Our photography team and Sangamon Watches model Tony Forte, a 44 year old army veteran, traveled from stop to stop along Route 66’s Springfield route with nothing but a car and Sangamon watches – and of course, the trusty photography skills of our CEO Tyler McKay. These watches come from the Mother Road Collection of Sangamon Watches, which was inspired by historic Route 66. They perfectly match the atmosphere of every location. If you ever travel on Old Route 66 in Springfield Illinois area, check out these spots and call us to see our wristwatches in person.

Route 66 Motorheads Bar, Grill and Museum

Tony’s first stop was at Route 66 Motorheads Restaurant and Museum at 600 Toronto Rd, Springfield. This restaurant could be described as a classic car restaurant. It has cars both old and new to peruse, and a fun gaming room with slot machines, and burgers that taste like they came straight from heaven. It also has the largest Route 66 steel sign. And the liquor shelves at the bar are even made up of the back ends of cars. This restaurant is a sight for everyone to see. You will appreciate the cool cars, photos, and memorabilia in the restaurant.

Fulgenzi’s Pizza and Pasta (Mahan’s Route 66 Historic Gas Station)

After Motorheads, Tony checked his trusty Sangamon watch to make sure he was making good time on his journey, and headed off to Fuglenzi’s Pizza and Pasta right across from the Illinois State Fair Ground. Fulgenzi’s pizza and pasta serves delicious Italian dishes. Anyone wishing for some delicious spaghetti in Springfield, should stop by Fulgenzi’s at 1168 E Sangamon Ave. Mahan’s Route 66 Historic Gas Station next door has great Route 66 signs, it is a perfect place for photos. Mahan’s is the last of real historic “one hole” original gas stations from the very old days when Route 66 was the great highway across the US.

Route 66 Hotel and Conference Center

After some delicious food, it was time to see the famous Route 66 Hotel at 625 E St Joseph Street. The hotel features a small museum of Route 66 memorabilia. It has a lot of exhibits with old car and motorcycle license plates. They have so many signs, cars, and more. This is a great place to visit or stay the night. It is right along Route 66, so it’s a perfect pit stop for those wanting to have an overnight budget stay. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and the Illinois State Museum are both within 3.4 mi of the hotel.

Cozy Dog Drive In

After perusing Route 66 hotel, Tony checked his Sangamon watch and realized it was dinner time. But what’s the perfect place for dinner in Springfield? The Cozy Dog Drive In at 2935 S 6th St, Springfield . The Cozy Dog Drive In serves the ‘original’ hot dog on a stick. This is a prime Route 66 location, with many bikers traveling through and stopping for a ‘cozy dog.’ Best of all, the restaurant is covered with old photos, Route 66 road maps and signs, and just has that old time feel to it. By all accounts our meals were fantastic.

Route 66 is a great place to visit on a journey through the United States. Springfield is one of the beginning destinations on Route 66, and as such, has amazing places to stop. Our team had a great day exploring specific Route 66 attractions in Springfield.

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