Local Review: Re-Discover Chicago at Old Crows Wrigleyville

Attracting over a thousand patrons a day, Old Crow Smokehouse is the go-to spot in Wrigleyville for great country music, craft beer, and delicious food. With an emphasis on Southern-style BBQ and the aesthetic to match, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported from Chicago to Memphis or Kansas City.

This country sports bar and restaurant is a popular destination for young professionals and boasts killer happy hour specials and a spacious rooftop space. During baseball season, Old Crow’s serves thousands of customers as Cubs fans pour in by the dozen to get their fix of BBQ and hot wings.

Old Crow Smokehouse opened its first two locations in Chicago in 2013 before expanding to Huntington Beach in 2016 and Orange County in 2017, now putting them at a total of four locations, all with fantastic reviews.

Owned and operated by a friend of mine, Old Crow’s Asian-American influences shine through with menu items like the potstickers and Korean Kalbi short ribs. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but my personal favorites are the BBQ ribs, hot wings, and Chinese potstickers. For a great night out with friends, don’t forget the drinks. What pairs better with BBQ and live music than locally-brewed beer and tequila shots?

With social distancing guidelines in place, Old Crow Smokehouse is now operating under normal capacity. I was able to enjoy a fantastic outing with some friends visiting from Puerto Rico over the weekend and want to thank Bing, Old Crow’s manager and a buddy of mine, for coming out to see us. We all had a great time and my friends and I learned that Bing loves Puerto Rico, so much so that he spent over three months there once!

With raving reviews about the lively aesthetic, friendly service, and amazing food at Old Crow Smokehouse, it’s a must-see Chicago staple. Don’t just take my word for it, make sure to check it out for yourself the next time you find yourself in the area for an evening you won’t forget.

To learn more about Old Crows Smokehouse, log on its website at https://oldcrowsmokehouse.com/wrigleyville/

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Photos of Pontiac Illinois: Must-see Route 66 Shield Mural and More

On my way back from Chicago this morning, I decided to drive by Pontiac Illinois and shoot some photos for our Mother Road Collection watches. Pontiac is about one hour south of Chicago, where most of Route 66 travelers would make a stop to see the Route 66 Shield Mural. This beautiful and gigantic mural is right behind the Illinois Route 66 Association Hall of Fame & Route 66 Museum and this is a beautiful spot for photo opportunities!! The building itself has been in the National Register of Historic Places since 1990. Bob Waldmire Road Yellow Yacht is next to the Route 66 shield mural.

The Route 66 Shield Mural is probably the most iconic in town and should be seen when driving the route! The mural was designed by Diaz Sign Art in 2006.

The small town of Pontiac has a lot of fun and well done murals. There are lots to see and do, most of it free! However, due to the pandemic, the Route 66 Museum and War Museum are closed. You can still look around on the street, there are a number of beautiful and well maintained murals. A great way to see Pontiac is to locate every mural it has to offer. I did exactly that today. Most of them are brilliant and it is a fun thing to do. BTW, a few restaurants seem to be open with outside seating.

There are many historic places in Pontiac, which as a city goes back to the 1830s, and through all these years it has gone through a lot of transformations, but it keeps its rich historic heritage. The Pontiac City Hall and the Fire Station building was constructed in Pontiac around 1900.

If you come on Route 66, bring your favorite car or motorcycle so you can get your picture made!

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Local Review: Hunan Restaurant – Great Food in a New Environment!

We absolutely love Chinese food, and so we make sure to check out interesting-looking Chinese restaurants whenever we can. We chose to go to Hunan Restaurant on 1333 West Wabash Avenue in Springfield Illinois, and it didn’t disappoint! We’ve actually been back several times, and we can’t fault the food, setting, or service at all.

Food and Drink

We absolutely adore the food that we’ve eaten at Hunan restaurant! We went as a four: my wife, my kids, and I. All of us found something on the menu that we love! Anyone with kids will know that getting them to eat somewhere new can be a challenge, but as soon as they tried the food they were all for going there again. We always go there when we want Chinese food in town, it’s great! We’ve got two main dishes that are our must-orders now, the kong po chicken, and the mapo tofu while kids love shrimps.

The kong po chicken is absolutely amazing! I’ve had it in a lot of different places, and a lot of times, a chef will overdo the chili. This wasn’t the case here! It wasn’t too spicy at all, and, in fact, my kids particularly loved it! The sauce it’s served in is amazing, and my only complaint is that I have to order more every time and always have take out orders too!

 The mapo tofu is exceptional too. It’s another Sichuan dish, like the chicken, so the chili is at the forefront, but it isn’t too hot at all. It’s perfectly balanced, from the seasoning to the proportions of meat to tofu. My wife really loves this, and ate it every time we went!

There are a lot of other things on offer at the restaurant, for example, Japanese sushi and a full western bar, and while we didn’t try them, they looked really great! They both seemed like popular choices whenever we went, so as much as they wouldn’t be our first choices, we’d love to try them someday.

The Atmosphere

The newly remodeled restaurant had a really good atmosphere: nice and relaxed, while also being quite formal. In recent years, we haven’t been fans of the more typical ‘buffet’ style Chinese restaurants, so it was refreshing to go for a sit-down meal that tasted amazing and was great value.

The restaurant felt completely clean throughout, and as it was in a new building with modern interior decoration, it did offer a more refined dining experience. Hunan Restaurant offers both Chinese and Western food, and a lot of the customers are local Americans who enjoy experimenting with Chinese food, knowing that there’s a safety net too. The new location is on Wabash Ave, a street that gets a lot of traffic in Springfield, IL. If you’re in town, either visiting or living there, make sure to check this place out, the food’s great!

We really can’t recommend this palace enough, the food’s great, and so is the service and value. Make sure to check it out if you’re nearby, you won’t be disappointed! Please feel free to browse their website and menu at https://www.hunanwabash.com/ due to the pandemic, the restaurant provides only take-out orders this month, call before you go!

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Sangamon Watch Company’s Logo Officially Registered with US Trademark Office

As of June 30, 2020, the official logo for Sangamon Watch Company is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Special thanks local counsel for the hard work and expertise to guide us through the process. We highly recommend Ester J. Seitz of Hinshaw & Culbertson for all patent and trademark needs.

Sangamon Watches now Available on eBay

Springfield Illinois based Sangamon Watches has opened its presence on eBay to ensure more brand exposure and provides more friendly shopping experiences to eBay users worldwide. Now Sangamon watch collectors are found in Korea, China, Turkey, Scotland, England, Germany, Spain, and United States. You can log on the eBay store of Sangamon Watches at https://www.ebay.com/usr/sangamonwatch

Mother Road Collection of Sangamon Watches Previewed by The Time Bum

The Time Bum, an independent watch review website, recently did a great preview article about The Mother Road Collection of Sangamon Watches. The preview starts “the Sangamon Watch Company of Springfield, Illinois has launched its third model, once more drawing inspiration from classic Americana. The Mother Road Collection pays tribute to US Route 66 with design cues that should be instantly recognizable to any automobile enthusiast.”

You can read the preview at http://www.thetimebum.com/2020/08/sangamon-mother-road-collection.html