Discover the Beauty of Puerto Rico with Capt. Carlos Benitez

When I was visiting Puerto Rico, the most enjoyable moments were flying with Captain Carlos Benitze of Puerto Rico Helitours. I had taken over eight personalized helicopter tours in the past six years and truly enjoyed it. If you want to discover amazing beauty of Puerto Rico, I highly recommend flying with Capt. Carlos Benitez who is one of the best pilots in the Caribbean region.

Flying with Capt. Benitez (Credit: Brian Su, co-founder of Sangamon Watches)

While you might have already discovered the amazing beauty of Puerto Rico by visiting all its wonderful attractions like most travelers, there is still an unforgettable and thrilling way to explore this magical destination. Imagine flying over the most fascinating places from the comfort of a helicopter piloted by the experienced Captain Carlos Benitez! Each year, thousands of people choose to embark on these unique journeys with Puerto Rico Helitours, the leading air tourism service provider in the region. As hundreds of perfect reviews can attest, Captain Benitez and his crew offer an incredible experience each time they take your dreams to the clouds. Passengers from the United States and around the world have been flying over the most enticing and captivating sites of Puerto Rico and the city of San Juan. It is something truly unique and special to admire the beauty of these places from the sky!

The marvelous city of San Juan and the whole island of Puerto Rico are breathtaking places, a truly astonishing Caribbean paradise with a unique vibe, yet still a US territory. Nevertheless, travelers to this destination will get to discover a wealth of natural wonders and cultural heritage sites. From superb beaches and bio-luminescent bays to lush tropical rainforest and inspiring historical sites, the small island of Puerto Rico is truly unforgettable. Yet no visit would be complete without seeing some of these treasures from the air, the unique island taking a whole new aspect and meaning. Puerto Rico Helitours and the charming Captain Carlos Benitez will happily take on a ride above San Juan and its surrounding area, showing you the hidden beauty that few people get to experience. While you may think it would cost a fortune to embark such an extraordinary journey, it is actually much cheaper and any family traveling to Puerto Rico could afford a few moments of pure awesomeness.

There are several helicopter tours that the Captain and his crew can offer, one more enticing than the others and definitely worth a revisit. One of the most popular experiences is called “Discover Old San Juan” and will take you over the most insightful and impressive historical monuments of the capital. There is a lot to take in during the 5 minutes of flight over the old city, admiring places like the Capitol House building, San Cristobal fort, the Governor’s Mansion or the San Felipe del Moro fort and much more. With a history that spans over five centuries, the city of San Juan holds an immense historical and cultural heritage and you can discover it from over 500 feet in the air. Another unforgettable experience is called “The Enchanted Shore” and will take you on a breathtaking flight over the most beautiful areas of San Juan and along the nearby beaches, revealing the fascinating beauty of Puerto Rico. The “Green Escape” tour is another amazing adventure that sets out to uncover the variety of Puerto Rico, starting from the city and reaching the mountains and the coast. This route can be completed with a delicious culinary experience in a prestigious traditional restaurant inside the “Tasting Puerto Rico” tour. Of course, you can also fashion your own custom tour and explore the island as you wish, making this an endless journey through the beauty of the island.

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Experiencing a fascinating helicopter tour over the sky of Puerto Rico, please call Capt. Benitez at: (787) 497-5323 or make an appointment online; you are welcome to follow Capt. Benitze on Instagram: @captcarolsbenitez