Taking The Time: Quick Unboxing of the Route 66 by Sangamon

Bryan Kotsch and Brad McCallister talk about the Mother Road Collection of Sangamon Watches on “Taking The Time” watch talk program, you can also listen to their review program on Podcast. Mr.Bryan Kotsch recently bought a white dial Mother Road Collection watch, he loves it. We want to thank them for reviewing our Mother Road Collection on the program.

RPaige Review, Wrist Check Monthly Drawing Taking the Time

Brad take a close look at the RPaige WRocket in TI, Taking the time Drawing for Wrist Check Monthly.  — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/takingthetime/support
  1. RPaige Review, Wrist Check Monthly Drawing
  2. Bryan and brad review the Sangamon knife and talk about updates for mitchell and whats on KS.
  3. Brad takes a look at the mintevolutive Divemaster
  4. Bryan takes a look at the Air League by Hemel and we talk chronographs
  5. 2020 Top three watches plus new partnership