Local Review: Springfield PT’s BBQ – Barbecue at its Best!

Barbecue is a delicacy with a uniquely divine savor that no one can ever say no to. From the young to the old, barbecue has its unique way of stirring up cravings in anyone. But then, if you are going enjoy a sumptuous round of barbecue, you’ve got to eat it from the best of barbecue makers.

You cannot talk about barbecue in Springfield Illinois without mentioning the African American owned PT’s BBQ ( address: 1723 ML King Drive, Springfield, IL) – except you’re a newcomer. PT’s BBQ has been in the business of making the tastiest and most delectable barbecue recipes in Central Illinois for over 15 years. And although they are situated in a pretty old ice stand, they have skillfully developed it into a booth that accommodates all their barbecue equipment and preparation procedures.

However, given that PT’s BBQ supplies Springfield with yummy barbecues from a stand, you really can’t get to eat in. Their services do not include the fancy tables, chairs and table clothes kind of setting. They can only offer you a unique and appetizing packaging for your barbecues, such that you’ll want to immediately dig into it just by seeing its packaging. You must also be strong-willed to be able to resist the divine smell of PT’s freshly grilled BBQ ribs, brisket, chicken wings and turkey legs if you ever get to pass by their stand.

While the PT’S BBQ might not be located in the best locality, their chopped pork and BBQ chicken are about the best sights to behold in Springfield. They’re extra appealing, and will make any human with a sense of smell and appetite stop by for a treat. Words will also not suffice to explain the luscious flavor and savouriness of their BBQ ribs and chopped brisket. Their sauce is equally spicy, with every detail of its flavor capable of delighting every kind of taste bud. My family loves the Polish sausages and ribs, their homemade sauce is very delicious too.

This blog cannot be complete without saying that PT’s BBQ offers about the best barbecue retail services in the country – including Memphis. Their workers are as friendly as puppies, and are always ready to take your orders in the most courteous manner. You’ll always want to come back for more barbecue – and attention- grabbing discussions.

As for PT’S BBQ prices, they’re very much in line with what is obtainable in other BBQ joints. If you consider the quality of grilled meat they sell, you’re going to be very appreciative of their prices – and definitely return for more treats.

Finally, the fact that both customers and residents around Springfield have never had any cause to raise a brow on PT’ BBQ and their services is an additional reason for you to try out their smoked chicken. Make it a date with your taste buds by stopping by the PT’S BBQ stand today!

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