The Reasons We Create Our Own Microbrand Watches

Many microbrand watch company owners have their own unique reasons and specific background to develop their own watch brand and business. We certainly have our own reasons to create our own Sangamon Watch Company. As long time residents of Sangamon County Illinois, both founders of Sangamon Watch Company have tremendous interests in the rich history of the area. We have been traveling all over the world in past ten years as we conduct international business advisory services, and collected many watches. We finally come to realize that creating our own watches might be the best way to honor American heritage, traditions and our Midwestern values.

Our company is named after Sangamon River and the county we live in. Our first watch release will be named “Lincoln’s River Collection” to honor Abraham Lincoln’s challenges on the river as a young adult. Springfield Illinois had its own watchmaking glorious history from 1869-1930s; at its peak time, there were over 1300 people working in the watch industry in Springfield. Even it has been long gone, we as residents of Springfield want to honor this part of history of the city.

The founders are both graduated from The University of Illinois at Springfield and it is a great way to honor our education and give something back to our school. In the future we will change our current scholarships at UIS to a new name, possibly rename our scholarships to reflect the name of Sangamon Watch Company.