Microbrand Watches Gain Popularity

Sangamon watches are considered “microbrand” watches. In the past 5 years, microbrand watches have been drawing a lot attention within the watch manufacturing industry. A microbrand watch company is usually started and independently owned by watch enthusiasts and outsources its productions to professional OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) watch manufacturers. This is the same as Apple who outsources their products throughout Asia. Microbrand watches are hand crafted in smaller numbers ranging from 300 to 2000 units annually. Each brand has its own unique design and targets very niche consumer markets.

Microbrand watches are using the same high quality parts and Japanese or Swiss movements that are supplied to many established brands; and they are more affordable than massively produced high end fashion watches and Swiss-made luxury watches. With the help of e-Commerce, collectors are saving more money when they purchase a very unique wrist watch directly from a microbrand watch company.

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